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Federal Government

After reading Barack Obama's Presidential directive that every Federal Government agency should have an API, following Executive Order 13571, and part of the Whitehouse CIO's strategy, entitled "Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People"--I'm excited about the potential for our government to change and evolve.

To help track the progress I've built a monitoring system that I run nightly to see if each federal department or agencies has published their digital strategy. I am still evolving how I monitor, consume and publish data around the federal digital strategy.

I will be publishing as much of my work here as I can, including the research, stories, JSON data and the scripts I use to make it all happen. So far I have the following PHP scripts that I use to pull each agencies digital strategy:

I have a crude MySQL table structure I put the federal agencies, their social and digital strategies into. You can find the SQL script here.

Once I have all the data about federal agencies, their social accounts and their digital strategy into a single database I do several things with it currently:

I pulled all the federal agencies originally from the Federal Agency Directory API, and each agencies social data using the Federal Social Media Registry API.

I pulled all the logos for agencies by hand. I recommend using the JSON listing of agencies and downloading them each locally, or download the entire zip file and use.

You can view all agencies w/ logos, and all agencies with their digital strategy on this site. Since this project is hosted at Github you can also fork the project and use the data for your own objectives.

Every time I run the script to check all 246 agencies it automatically updates the JSON files above and commits here to Github. So the JSON will always be up to date.

I will continue to publish scripts, data, news and analysis here as I can.